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Simplicity At Its Best

Liniax Linear Shaft Drive is basically an electric linear actuator, rather a special one which works with plain shaft with high accuracy, precision and efficiency, thus converting shaft rotation into linear motion. The simplicity lies in the way the linear motion has been facilitated by the angular positioning of balls inside. Results:

  • Zero backlash – high accuracy & precision
  • minimal frictional losses – high efficiency
  • low initial and operational cost; low wear and tear – long operation life
  • Accuracy, Precision and efficiency at a lower cost!

Best-in-Class linear automation

Controlled Precision Linear Movement, Repeated Linear Movement, Adaptable Linear Movement, or Acceleration Controlled Linear Movement, Liniax Linear Shaft Drive promises to serve your application best while giving you high value for your money.

Patent Number: US 20130252782 A1

Team Behind Linear Shaft Drive

The mechanism of Liniax Linear Shaft Drive is invented by the same people who made countless contributions in the invention and development of Rolling Ring Drive, Linear Drive Nut and early-phase development of electric linear motion technologies. These technologies are ubiquitous now and are widely used world-wide for automation.

Having a deep understanding of linear motion, the inventors have been able to re-invent the mechanism facilitating linear motion and simplify it to the next level requiring no threaded shafts, lead or ball screws, ACME or drive nuts, gears, belts, or chains. It just works! This drives the strategic agenda of Liniax: to simplify linear motion and linear systems.

  • Morten Raahede
  • CEO, Liniax ApS

Our Promises

Business Partnership

We are looking forward to business partnership for further development and market introduction for Liniax Linear Shaft Drive.

The patented technology of Liniax Linear Shaft Drive will help our business partner increase their product portfolio, which will offer increased value to customers and end users. Liniax Linear Shaft Drive will help Liniax’s partner to serve their market even better, as it is both better in performance and lower in cost in all respects.

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Looking forward to a successful Business Partnership

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